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Why should I have missmatched bridesmaid dresses at my nuptials

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses have become quite a hit at the nowadays wedding ceremonies and therefore, we believe that it would be useful for you to know more about these things. Thus, you should listen to our pieces of advice because one can never know when they might com in handy. At the same time, mismatched [...]

Maggie Sottero 2012 wedding dress collection

Hey ladies, are you ready to find more about Maggie Sottero 2012 wedding dress collection? I bet you are and therefore we will reveal you some info concerning the wonderful gowns that the designer has prepared for you in the year that is about to come. Even though we are heading towards something unknown and [...]

When your wedding dress does not match your wedding venue

All wedding aspects should match in formality, but still if you have fallen in love with some wedding elements that seem to clash, there seems to be a problem. To be more precise, I’m referring here to your wedding venue and your wedding dress. It is obvious that your apparel must match the location of [...]

Know how to choose your bridesmaids’ dresses

Every bride should know that her bridesmaids must shine at the wedding ceremony, because they play the role of the host, when the bride has other tasks to accomplish. Therefore, because their image is very important they should wear the most beautiful, elegant and glamorous bridesmaids gowns that would emphasize their beautiful features and that [...]

The colourful detail of your wedding dress

Is it true that you love colours? Then, you are the right candidate for a wedding dress with colours. Do you believe that white, ivory or champagne are too dull and boring for a wedding dress? Do not waist any time then, and dress your body in something more colourful that would improve your bridal [...]

The right bridal gown for my wedding reception

A popular trend these days is for the bride to have two wedding dresses; in what is to follow we will speak about the right bridal gowns for your wedding reception. I’m sure this is something that concerns you very much, because you are a modern lady, who would do everything just to be fashionable [...]

Why should I go for an A-line cocktail dress

Dear ladies, we believe that an A-line cocktail dress will really help you stand out at your friends’ elegant and sophisticated wedding ceremony. After all, even if a woman is just a simple guest or somebody important at the event she will totally want to expose a perfect look. Yes, we really think that such [...]

My simple and elegant wedding dress

I don’t know if you have heard but the safest way of looking great on your wedding day would be by wearing a simple and elegant wedding dress. Beads, pearls, embellishments or rhinestones are cool, too; but simplicity has always been the most elegant, chic and fancy way of getting through with an important event. [...]

A bridal corset for my wedding day

Dear ladies, have you consider the idea of wearing a bridal corset on you wedding day? Well, we have though about this matter, and to be frank we have found some great reasons for why one should wear something like this on her biggest day ever. Therefore, dear brides to be, if you are interested [...]

Why should my wedding dress have complex details

Ladies, it is true that when choosing the wedding dress you have many possibilities and options that we thought we should narrow things down, in order to make it easy for you. The topic that we wanted to discuss today is related to the complex details of your wedding dress, because you know that there [...]