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Wedding songs accordingly to genres

  You are more into Latino music, but your future husband seems to be a natural born rock fan and also your parents prefer listening oldies. We know that you want all the people to feel great in your wedding day and for this matter, you should pick a mix that offers the change for [...]

Hiring the wedding DJ

Your wedding seems to be planned down to the tiniest detail; the only thing remaining is for you to hire a DJ or a wedding orchestra. Well, it can be a tough call, but not impossible as long as you create a balance and see the pros and cons of such an event. This can [...]

Things to know about the wedding songs

  The wedding songs that are chosen for the bridal day should totally be you, as the colors and the flowers used in the rest of the reception are. This is why you have to think of every little detail whenever it comes to the big day and in the same time paying attention to [...]

The Disc Jockey Packages

The Disc Jockey Standards Every disc jockey is qualified to perform as the master of ceremonies for your wedding Continuous music Custom selection of music based on your taste and preferences Event lighting package: At select moments during the evening, special effects lighting will be used to enhance the party atmosphere .  .  .  .  [...]