Hiring the wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

Your wedding seems to be planned down to the tiniest detail; the only thing remaining is for you to hire a DJ or a wedding orchestra. Well, it can be a tough call, but not impossible as long as you create a balance and see the pros and cons of such an event. This can be the first time that you pick an entertaining service and you might not even know a DJ or a band, but nowadays these are not an impossible thing to do.

Wedding DJ

Also, pay attention to the pick that you make, because depending on it, your guests may not have the fun that they were expecting. Music is crucial in such an event and we’re sure that you are already aware of it. Another aspect that we want to mention is related to the fact that, besides the DJ, there’s also the lighting that matters, the special effect and all the details used for entertainment.

We have heard so many brides who admitted that they would have rather preferred to spend more time for picking the entertainment service and others say that they would have paid more money in order for their wedding to end up as they wished – all these services not being at the quality expected.

We know, you are so preoccupied with the menus, the bridal gowns and all those details and you simply omitted to pay attention to the details that also mattered, such as the entertainment part. Then intervenes the matter of what to pick for the bridal day: whether you want a DJ or a band. More than a half of the brides that were asked claimed that they would rather apply for a DJ.

How do you hire the right DJ? Our suggestion is to apply for a DJ who has experience or you should totally speak to a specialized firm. Most of the DJs who say that they are professionals, are in fact some poor amateurs who play music at birthdays or smaller events. You totally have to make sure that you hire a person who knows what they are doing. A person who has worked in the mass media field will always know how to entertain people and how to use the right music for ending up with the right atmosphere at the wedding reception.

When you hire the DJ you have to speak face to face with him/her and not through different members of the firm. Make sure that you have common tastes and that you imagine the event in a similar manner. Offer the confidence for the grand day of your wedding if that is what you feel like. No one can oblige you to pick a particular artist.

Now comes the aspect of the money. Well, if you want to save money by choosing a cheap DJ, this is definitely not the right solution, because you can end up with the inappropriate pick. The DJ is the person who will lead and create most of the atmosphere in the wedding reception. He/she will animate the party, programs the music and handles the lighting and the special effects.

When you pick the music together with the DJ, make sure that you have a collective thinking and place yourself in the body of the guests, because they have to be entertained in this grand event. You can ask the DJ to play alternative types of music, from hip hop to rap, house or R&B.

Wedding DJ

It is well known that everybody likes oldies! So, this means that you can ask the DJ to play songs that have a particular rhythm and that persuades people to dance, because you want the people around the age of 40 or 50 to have fun. When it gets pretty late, you can recommend the DJ to add some songs that are newer and for the youthful ones.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds and thousands of songs that can be played, but you cannot dance on all of them, so try to make the artist play some particular songs that you would rather hear. The entire music that is played in the bridal day is a mixture between your ideas and that of the DJ!

These being said, we totally think that you should think seriously before making the pick of the artist to play in the bridal day! So, make sure you browse with attention and that you don’t look at what sum you pay him/her, because you only want a successful wedding reception, right?

Wedding DJ



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  1. Santiago пишет:

    My fiance and I are eerxpiencing a bit of a role reversal, in that I am in the minority of grooms, one who is the primary planner/coordinator of our upcoming wedding. My fiance has great taste and is involved with all major decisions, but is also an extremely busy professional, so I was happy to step up as the experienced party planner, doing the homework and pre-negotiating with vendors, before my fiance and I together make final selections of vendors and the plan. However, I had never planned a wedding before, so I’ve bought many books and read lots of websites and paged through many magazines (I don’t think I can look at another magazine ad of a bride-model laying horizontal on a couch without snickering). Virtually everything is written for the bride who typically plans the wedding which to me means there is a heavy emphasis on decorations and flowers and invitations and linens and color schemes it was all driving me crazy as a guy trying to put together a wedding plan that is simply fun and action oriented, while still allows for nice things. I’ve attended many dozens of weddings over the years and I’ve kept an eye on what makes weddings enjoyable and memorable: keep it festive, keep guests involved, and make sure there is time for the happy couple to spend time with each of the guests. I never saw any correlation with the size of the party, the location, the decorations, even the food quality (and I’m a big foodie), with how successful and fun the wedding was. Given this perspective, I looked and looked for wedding planning advice in all the books and magazines and websites, hoping to find action oriented advice for having a festive wedding reception frankly, I found little useful advice. Finally, just three months before our upcoming wedding, I have found the book I really needed on the recommendation of a wedding DJ friend (who lives and works in another state), I ordered Peter Merry’s book, which I have found to be chock full of actionable ideas from an experienced wedding DJ/entertainment director. He focuses on the concept of entertainment and leaves decorations and other more frivolous things to the other books. He is a welcome voice, a rare male perspective in wedding planning books, that a planning groom, and presumably planning brides as well, needs. I’ve already made adjustments to the reception agenda and found validation with some activity ideas we already had in place. Rest assured, there will be great food and many touches of elegance in the design of our wedding, but I am now more confident as ever we will have a truly festive wedding with Peter Merry’s advice influencing our plan. Many thanks to the author the advice is easily 10 times worth the cover price of the book. I strongly recommend this book to anyone planning their wedding.

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