About Us

We Understand Your Needs

18 years of professional photography specializing in Black & Whites,Candids, 
Traditional & Photojournalistic Styles of Videography and Photograph.
At United Studio Ilkhom in New York, we treat each wedding photography shoot as if it were
our own. We can supply veteran  photographer  in the wedding photography and wedding
video services  industry, we excel at preserving life’s most joyous days on film and video.
All our  photographers and videographers have been extensively trained to capture memorable   photos,  stunning bridal portraits and  exciting videos that capture the energy of your wedding.
With our vast experience in , film, digital Video and digital photography, in addition to our
state-of-the-art Camera technology and  equipment, we can guarantee an artistic high quality
photo wedding  album in a timely manner and at a cost-effective price.As you plan your special  wedding day video, give over your worries to us and we will take care of all your needs for your wedding videography and during the video production of your special day. Once you book your  wedding videography with United Studio Ilkhom, you can stop worrying about your video
and get on with more important matters. Our professional Videography team will handle
the details. We will also help you develop the video shooting schedule and deliver your special
video shot requests
You wouldn’t trust this most sacred important day in your life to chance. You don’t need to gamble on
wedding photographer, videographer or any other wedding service provider. We agree, and invite you to
choose our services because we are professional, experienced and dependable. Click to  see Our photo and
video  Galleries.   We also have many photo galleries that you can browse through to check out our aesthetic
and maybe even get some ideas for your Engagement video or wedding , your Love Story Video or a wedding
photo shoot.
Wedding service Combination Packages
Our philosophy is to capture Your special event and moments  through videographer or Photography of your special event using the highest quality digital photo and video equipment, at competitive rates.
When you hire United Studio Ilkhom as a wedding videographer, you are hiring more than just someone to record your wedding day. You are commissioning an artist to preserve the mood and emotion shared by the people you choose to spend your wedding day with. We all enjoy what we do and consider ourselves fortunate to be able to earn a living doing it.
We are artists. We are professionals. We are photographers, videographers, multimedia specialists, and graphic designers. We are experts at recording your special day, from shooting to final presentation, and providing you
with superb images for eternal memories. Let us be your New York wedding documenters.
At the heart of our operation is that we offer two wedding photographers at your wedding. Two wedding photographers double the number of video and photo and double the number of memories we can capture your day from two different angles. You may very well be looking for “just” a Wedding video package, or a single  Photography Package, or maybe even just a  DJ or limousine. However, if you need all or any combination of our wedding services you can save some real cash by combining them. We have packages for a combination  of  video and  photography only, or  a package that combines  video, photo and DJ services, or still yet another package that includes   photographers, Videographers and a  DJ. The other perk of course is that we will supervise and administrate thrall the services you purchase from us and you only have one person to communicate and coordinate with  during the days and hours before and during the event.
That means  Less Cooks in the Kitchen. We can even schedule your limo or limousine service