Wedding songs accordingly to genres

Wedding songs accordingly to genres


You are more into Latino music, but your future husband seems to be a natural born rock fan and also your parents prefer listening oldies. We know that you want all the people to feel great in your wedding day and for this matter, you should pick a mix that offers the change for every guest to boogie and show off with his or her skills at the level of dancing.

Wedding songs accordingly to genres

We have decided to take into account some music styles, genres and maybe propose some wedding songs that ought to be added in this mix we have been talking about.

So, for the fans of rock….

Even if you have to stay away as possible from the rock wedding songs, there are tens of other songs that are a part of this genre and that you can play at your wedding. If you need a source of inspiration, think only of how romantic would be some wedding songs like:
In your eyes by Peter Gabriel
Eric Clapton’s Wonderful tonight
Paul McCartney’s Maybe I’m amazed
U2’s All I want is you

Wedding songs accordingly to genres

Goo Go Dolls’ Iris

We consider also pretty useful for those who want to get the party started and dance wildly, some wedding songs like:
Pink’s Get this party started
or even
Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder road
Then comes the country genre

Indeed, this is a style that is not preferred by many people, but lately we have heard lots of couples who have taken into account such a style for the wedding songs and wedding dances.

This type of music will make you dance and laugh, but also cry in the same time. You can change the rhythm pretty fast and include calmly some country songs in your wedding reception playlist. We have encountered some suggestions to share with you:

Kenny Chesney’s You had me from hello
Judds’ Mama he’s crazy
Keith Urban’s Your everything
Alison Krauss’ When you say nothing at all
Then there’s the ball room music

Wedding songs accordingly to genres

We recommend this type of music for a more formal context, the ball music has to be adapted to the nature of your event and if you want to dance cha cha or fox trot we think that it would be a great idea to announce your guests in due time to work up their moves – so that you end up with a really successful wedding reception. But even if they haven’t danced samba or walz in any moment of their life, all of them will have fun seeing others doing it and maybe they will try some steps as well.

This genre can turn out to be the most romantic music that one can pick for his or her wedding. But we don’t necessarily refer to the latest songs that you are able to hear at TV on the radio. We would rather suggest a playlist that includes songs signed by Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Joe Turner, The Supremes or Barry White. If you know that your guests are going to react positively, then you can add some songs signed by Erykah Badu, Usher, Missy Elliot, TLC, Sade or Whitney Houston.
Pop genre at the wedding reception

Wedding songs accordingly to genres

This is a music genre that will permit you to dance all the time, in fact, it will push all your wedding guests to move and be active on the dance floor. It’s important to choose the appropriate songs, in order to make the wedding guests move and feel comfortable on what they’re listening.
Oldies and classics

Such songs seem to be appropriate as well for the big day, due to the fact that there will be some people who are into this style! And remember the things that were mentioned initially: there will be all kinds of people of all ages attending your wedding reception and this is why you have to ensure that all types of music are played, so that they all feel great with what they are hearing and in the same time there will be obtained the jolly and happy wedding reception that you have always been dreaming of.

Wedding songs accordingly to genres

The songs for the dances have to be picked with attention! Yes, besides the wedding songs from different genres, you also will make sure that the picks that you make will not bore the wedding guests and in the same time, these have to be characteristic for every moment: the first dance, the mother son dance, the father daughter son, the last dance and so on….

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